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As the Patient Demographic changes across Canada we are seeing more and more patients from older age groups who prefer using the phone to speak to a live person while the younger generation expects to use technology in form of live chat and both expect prompt responses and outstanding customer service.

To retain control and manage costs most Clinic & Hospitals are keeping admin in house but patient communication is impacted when onsite staff are multitasking or interrupted because of other responsibilities they have. Clinic Owners & Managers have learned that the most expensive part of the operation is communication with the patients.

This is where we come in. We lift the burden of attending calls from your on-site multitasking staff and ensure that calls are answered promptly, confidentially and patients are assisted efficiently and with 100% accuracy. This is possible with our professional & dedicated staff working from their distraction / interruption free environment using our Patent Pending Technology along with our Artificially Intelligent call algorithm. We also provide a secure chat interface platform so patients can directly communicate with the clinic in the format most convenient to them.

Our live medical receptionist assists the patients with scheduling appointments and making any changes directly into your EMR (electronic medical record) system through a secure, complaint and encrypted connection.

The privacy and security of patient information is our top priority and we are able to achieve this by linking our services to support your practices.

Our Advantage


Additional Patients Helped

Average yearly additional patients we helped by adding just one of our Agents to 3 Practitioner General Clinic



Average yearly patients we help by adding just one of our Agents to 3 Practitioner General Clinic


Cost Saving

Average yearly cost savings impact by adding just one of our Agents to 3 Practitioner General Clinic


Revenue Increased

Average yearly revenue increase by adding just one of our Agents to 3 Practitioner General Clinic

About Us

ClinicFone is a division of ITGuruOnline which has been operating in Canada & Internationally since 2004. ITGuruOnline started as a Support Services Provider quickly growing to Consulting Services, Hardware Provisioning, Infra-Structure Services, Data Center Services, Penetration & Vulnerability testing and a complete Managed IT Services Provider.

With multiple years of experience servicing the technology need in the Healthcare vertical we found the current providers to be either lacking in technology or in understanding patient needs to provide a reliable and cost effective alternative for Doctors, Clinics & Hospitals.

Leveraging our in depth understanding of Healthcare & the Technologies used in Healthcare along with the compliance & diligence standards we created ClinicFone to provide reliable, complaint and cost effective services.


ClinicFone has a commitment to Patient & Physician Satisfaction. The Operational unit is lead by Dr. Rozina Sikandar who is an Obstetrician & Gynecologist and was associated with the Aga Khan University Hospital for last 23 years.

She was a Full time faculty / Associate Professor, Department of OBGYN at the Aga Khan University till March 2018 before moving to Canada and starting as the CEO of ClinicFone



ClinicFone also is deeply vested in new technologies and how they can be utilized to provide solution to challenges in Health Care.

ClinicFone's Technology is driven by Mr. Irfan Aziz Hayat who has more then a decade of experience as a CIO / VP Technologies consulting with Governments, Enterprise & SME's. He is also a successful entrepreneur working with Technology startups and projects in multiple verticals.


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